The Aureate Expanse is a massive grassland plain in the northeastern region of the world. It takes its name from the striking yellow-gold grass that grows there. While its exact area is unknown, denizens of the Three Cities say that the distance between the southernmost and northern most cities (Southwind, and Northwatch) is roughly five hundred miles.

The Expanse is known for its powerful windstorms and occasional tornados.

Races of the Aureate ExpanseEdit

  • Humans, who occupy the Three Cities
  • Whisper Gnomes, who also dwell in the cities and (according to rumor) make up the bulk of their criminal underworld
  • Halflings, who travel the plains in caravans. Some make their living trading with the cities and tribes of the plains, others tend towards piracy and raiding.
  • Catfolk tribes, who dwell in the wooded areas of the plains. The tribes are known to be quite agressive but tend to keep to themselves.
  • Centaur tribes. Nomads who raise cattle and follow the grass where ever it grows.
  • Gnoll clans. There are a small handfull of clans in the eastern region of the Expanse that borders the Barren Bluffs (the homeland of the Gnolls).
  • Dwarves. Some dwarven settlements have been spotted at the base of the Windswept Wall (the mountain range that divides the Aureate Expanse and Vola-Kesh).

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