Lucy Lightfoot (Luce) is one of about a dozen halfling caravan leaders operating within the plains known as the Aureate Expanse. She is the leader of the Roving Emporium, a caravan of halfling traders. She is friendly and helpful but has been known to maim those who threaten the safety of her caravan. She is muscular for a halfling and sports a white eye patch over her left eye. She typically wears her dark, thick hair in a tight braid.

Relationship with the party Edit

The party first encountered Lucy when they met up with her caravan in the southern region of the Aureate Expanse. Lucy allowed the party to travel with them to the city of Southwind. During the journey the party was instrumental in saving roughly a dozen lives and minimizing the damage to the Maiden of the Plains during a fierce wind storm. Lucy considers the party good friends.

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